O programie

ds-bootstrap to aplikacja homebrew używana przez TWiLight Menu++ do ładowania zrzutów kartridży DS(i), DSiWare i homebrew DS z karty SD Nintendo DSi / 3DS.

Można go również stosować na flashcartach, jednak kompatybilność flashcartów jest niższa, więc jest ona przeznaczona głównie dla flashcardów i flashcardów homebrew o niskiej kompatybilności.


Aby sprawdzić, czy gra jest kompatybilna z nds-bootstrap, sprawdź listę kompatybilności:

Dla jak najlepszej kompatybilności na flashcard, zalecamy otrzymanie Pakietu Pamięci DS.

In-Game Controls

Naciśnij ,  i SELECT, aby otworzyć menu w grze.

This can be remapped with Menu hotkey in the Games and Apps page of TWiLight Menu++ settings.

Press , , START, and SELECT to reset the game.

Hold for 2 seconds to force the game to reset.

Hold , , , and  for 2 seconds to create a RAM dump.

Hold , , , and  for 2 seconds to return to TWiLight Menu++.

Hold , , , and  for 1 second to swap the screens.

Navigate menu

Change setting
(Options submenu)

Select option

Return to game

Advance 1 frame


Change VRAM bank

Save screenshot


RAM Editor


Enter edit mode

Exit edit mode
Exit RAM editor

Jump to address

Hold to navigate faster


nds-bootstrap can use Action Replay cheats via a usrcheat.dat database, which needs to be in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/extras. Once the database is there, you can select which cheats to use from a game's per-game settings menu in TWiLight Menu++.

DeadSkullzJr's cheat database is recommended as it's the largest and most up to date:

Alternatively, if you would like to make one yourself, you can use use R4CEE on a computer:

Keep in mind that nds-bootstrap's E-type cheat implementation is unstable and as a result, your code may or may not work. This is not a fault of the database, and we hope to get this issue fixed in nds-bootstrap soon.