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GUI settings

On this page you can select which theme to use and other options that affect the look of TWiLight Menu++.

nds-bootstrap settings

These are the global settings for games run by nds-bootstrap. Some additional settings are available per-game by pressing  on DS games in the file browser.

GBARunner2 settings

These settings let you select how games are displayed and for running faster or having better compatibility.

Unlaunch settings

The settings here let you change how Unlaunch works, they work by patching the Unlaunch installer so you will have to reinstall it for these settings to take affect.

This page only appears on Nintendo DSi consoles when not launched from a flashcard. Flashcard and 3DS users will not see this page.

Games and Apps settings

Here you can select which emulator should be used for systems with multiple emulators and other settings that affect how games and apps are run that aren't using nds-bootstrap.

Misc. settings

This is where all the settings that don't fit elsewhere go, such as which language to use, whether to automatically boot the last played game, and whether to show the splash screens on startup, amongst others.