Button Controls

Move item
(Sort Method must be set to "Custom")

Previous / next item


Launch selected application

Go up a directory level

Delete / hide item

Open per-game settings


Open the SELECT Menu or the DS Classic Menu

Touch Controls

Scroll through the list

Launch selected application

Page System

The SEGA Saturn theme splits items into pages with a maximum of 40 items per page. You can navigate through the pages using the  and  triggers.

  • Pressing  on the leftmost page will take you to the first item on the page

  • Pressing  on the rightmost page will take you to the last item on the page

If your triggers do not work, you can use SELECT +  instead.


Pressing SELECT in the SEGA Saturn theme will bring up the DS Classic Menu by default. However, in the TWiLight Menu++ settings, you can change it to launch the SELECT Menu, a miniature menu embedded inside the theme itself. Here are the menu options for the SELECT Menu.

  • Home Menu: On the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS consoles, this option can be used to return to the home menu
  • Settings: Selecting this will launch a menu for configuring for TWiLight Menu++ and its launchers
  • Cartridge Options: On an original DS or DS Lite, you can launch Slot-2 cartridges from here. On a Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS running from the SD card, you can run your Slot-1 card or, with certain flashcards, switch which SD card TWiLight Menu++ navigates
  • Manual: This will launch the manual for TWiLight Menu++, it's what you're looking at right now :P